Summer Feet

Simple Sea Glass Toe Rings

Gotta love summer feet. Sandy and sunburnt, happy flip flops moving and shaking along the boardwalk. Summer feet slowly maneuver along sharp rocks bare footed until one day in late July you can run across pavement chasing the ice cream truck without feeling a thing. Summer toes, shiny with sparkling red nail polish, feeling the refreshing green grass, feeling the hot sand, the cold waves splashing surprisingly. Summer toes, decorated in a little something fun, a little something pretty, a little something shiny. Summer Toe Rings exclusively available at Sea Hags in Gig Harbor, Washington. Costal shopping, costal living, costal love.
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Spring at the beach

Hello Spring

Spring is here, I can smell it. I can feel it in my bones. This winter on the West Coast hasn’t been especially interesting, not a lot of snow, not too many storms, it has been pretty boring actually. The dull-drums of this weather has begun to get old. Sorry father winter, I am ready to move on, find someone more interesting. With the smell of spring in the air, I begin to daydream about new collections I can start building. Some fresh new looks that will brighten up any outfit and put sunny new smiles on our faces.  We just spent a few days at the coast, sunshine, surf, wind, sand in the toes. The beach we stayed at is not known for its sea glass. In fact there is really almost none. Or none to be exact. But this girl doesn’t complain, this girl compromises. With compromise comes
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Dirty Girl

Simple Sea Glass Ring

If you knew me as a child you may remember that I liked playing in the dirt. I liked running in the rain, splashing in mud puddles, “baking” insane mud pies filled with the fattest earth worms. I was happiest with dirt under my fingernails and rain splattered jeans, caked with mud at the cuffs. I have always known that when I grew up I would work with my hands. Creativity flows thru me and always has. I suppose it only makes sense that I have found myself creating artisan jewelry. First of all it’s fun, but not only is it fun, its dirty! On any given day my hands look a lot like this. The rad thing about making jewelry is that it gets to go through an amazing transformation before it can become something of beauty. And yes, I did just say rad, unapologetically. It transforms from a
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He loves me, He loves me not

Simple Sea Glass He Loves Me Sea Glass Bracelet

Really who hasn’t asked themselves this question? This pair of bangle sea glass bracelets are a fun play on the age old question. No need to pick any more flower petals, just slip on this fun set and get on with your day! Whether he loves you or not, these bracelets will put a smile on your face. Some days that’s all we need is a smile on our face.    
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Pink Pear inspires our Nella Sea Glass Necklace

Inspiration for Nella Sea Glass Necklace

The moment I saw this pretty little pink multi piece of sea glass I squealed. Sea glass inspires me all the time, every piece is unique and has its very own story. This little pink multi piece of sea glass however gave me goosebumps for it reminded me of my favorite fruit, a pink pear.   We have named the Nella Sea Glass Necklace after the Maltaise Bambinella mini-pear with a crisp texture and an attractive pink-blushed skin. She is a perfect pear, one I unfortunately cannot eat, but one we can all admire.
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At Seattle’s Pikes Place Market

Simple Sea Glass At Pike Place Market

I had the inspiration to do a photo shoot for my sea glass jewelry at the Pikes Place Market. I love Seattle, it is alive with creative types and extravagant people of all kinds. As well, the city is beautiful. Seattle hugs the Puget Sound and much of the city has an amazing view of waterways and the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, not to mention some insanely beautiful skyscrapers. Seattle has always been my stomping grounds, the city lends to many wonderful adventures and this particular day was yet another. We spent a blustery autumn day at the market. In true Seattle weather, we dodged a few rain drops, messed up our hair with the wind and celebrated the sunshines return all the while taking a spectacular photo shoot with three gorgeous models and friends. I think back on this day with a smile on my face. Not only
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